We shall continue to intercept opposition rallies until they adhere to POMA act-police


By Johanna Mpindi
Police has refuted reports that they support constitutional amendments seeking to lift the presidential age limit from age of 75 years.

Last week Uganda Human Rights Commission UHRC castigated police for siding with people who are holding consultative meetings in support of amendments and brutalise those against the same.

While addressing the press at Naguru police head quarters, the police spokes person Asan Kasingye said that most of the rallies held by the opposition members of parliament were interrupted because they had breached the public order management act POMA by consulting in groups.
He said that their consultation methodology was threatening the safety and security of the people in those specific places hence forcing police to intervene to restore calm and sanity.

He added that police will continue to give reasons as to why they acted the way they did in those particular places.
Though he said that members of parliament are free to carry out there consultations for as long as they don’t breach the public management Act.


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