By Ronald Kabuye
The Buganda premier Owekitibwe Charles Peter mayiga has warned that as Buganda Kingdom they shall not allow those conniving to grab Buganda land and committed that they will defend the kabaka  in all the over 40 cases he is battling with In various courts judicature.
This while in the first sitting of the 25th Lukiiko sitting to discuss Kabaka Ronald Mwenda Mutebi II’ speech which he delivered while opening the 25th Lukiiko sitting in which he highlighted about seven issues including cautioning government about the proposed land amendments bill, warned the public against catching HIV/AIDS, calling upon the youth to committe themselves to work without first thinking of the selfish benefits among others.
Mayiga comforted the Baganda not to keep worried with the people who drag the kabaka of Buganda in the courts of law because thats how the legal procedure stipulates it since all the property is in the names of the kabaka of Buganda not the person of kabaka Ronald Mwenda Mutebi II.
Mayiga also said that it’s high time the public differentiate between the 350 miles as stipulated in the 1900 agreement and 27 square miles of Ssekabaka Daudi Chwa II which is not part of Buganda’s land since its belongs his children and grandchildren.
Mayiga also advised that the current burden of poverty can only be eradicated through farming.
He said that poverty can only be eradicated by using the activity that most people are involved in which apparently is farming and from that point than the industries can come in but not visa versa as some people suggest.
On the point of spraying the grass as opposed to cultivating, Mayiga advised that farmers to first seek for expertise advise since some of the chemicals kill the micro organisms which are so important in the farming process.
Mayiga also urged those who will attend the county( musaaza) cup finals at Mandela national stadium due this Saturday to avoid reckless driving, to drink responsibly and avoid acts of obscenities which he said is not part of Buganda’s culture.
He also highlighted the numerous to make a will thus appealing to the public to take the act as a priority.


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