Sheik Ramadhan Mubajje Condemns Donald Trump’s Declaration Of Jerusalem


The Uganda Muslim supreme council (UMSC) has condemned both United States of America (USA) and Israel over the recent Zionist declaration of Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel. Speaking to media at Uganda Muslim supreme council headquarters Kampala, the Mufti of Uganda His eminence Sheik Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje, noted that Donald Tramp USA president declared Jerusalem as the city of Israel and promised to even expeditiously transfer USA embassy to Israel from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, and the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Otenyahu disclosed to transfer Tel-Avivi as the capital city of Israel to Jerusalem thus calling for the international peace loving communities to desist from this move which will lead to human blood shed, and disrespect of values imbedded in tolerance and peaceful coexistence. He adds that the position is contrary with both the UN General Assembly resolutions of July 4, 1967, and international security council that had repeatedly declared such activities to be contrary to intentional law.


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