Sheila Gashumba denies fleeing to S.Africa


Gashumba’s daughter speaks

Sheila said the two passports came about because her father changed his name.

She accused a local television of “using your beef with my father to ruin his reputation that he trades drugs!! Today it’s him, tomorrow it’s you!!”


She further dismissed social media reports claiming she had fled the country to South Africa.

“I will be in South Africa tomorrow to host the STARQT Awards happening on 4th November this Saturday, that I was booked and paid for 4 months ago!!”

“I know the struggle of making sure an event is perfect and I am not about to disappoint the organizers of the event and my fans in South Africa!!”

She said her management in South Africa has also lined up radio and TV interviews for me in South Africa that she has to appear for.

The 22-year-old spent the better part of her day broadcasting, through her Snapchat account, CCTV footage of CMI operatives besieging their Bunga house.


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