By Kabuye Ronald
Civil society organisation advocating for good health in the country led by Uganda National Health Consumers Organisation UNHCO in conjunction with law enforcers have declared operations across the country on shisha smokers and leisure places that still accomodate shisha smoking.
addressing a news conference at their head offices in Bukoto, the executive director of UNHCO Robinah Kaitiritimba declared 2017 as a year of enforcing the tobacco control act that bans the sale, buying, importation and display of water pipe tobacco delivery system, water pipe device and related substances.
Robinah said that this was started on the 21st of this month when police with Civil society members invaded various leisure places in kampala, arrested over 20 people and consficated numerous shisha pots and this will go on the entire year.
she further revealed that enforcement of the law will go along with sensitizing the public about the same law especially on the disadvantages of shisha and smoking in the youths.
In the same way Godfrey Kuteesa appealed to parents to take up their role and fight for the children’s health rights since they always taken up excitiment .
“Shisha smoke gets to the brain and creates excitment so people forget the long run effects however much they know the facts and this much prominent in school going children.
It time for parents to follow up their children because always convene at accia in kamwokya and compete in smoking” said Kuteesa.
according to the tobacco control law 2015 any person convicted of smoking shisha pays not less than 480,000 shillings or a sentence in prison for not less than one year and leisure place owner on conviction pays 20 millions or suspension of the trading license for not less than six months as the judge may deem


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