By Ronald Kabuye
The Ugandan government has maintained its earlier stand to switch off all unregistered sim-cards at midnight today May 19 2017.
This has been communicated by the information and ICT Minister Frank Tumwebaze Kajiji in news conference urgently convened at Uganda Media Centre.
According to the minister only voice calls are to be disabled but mobile money transactions will not be affected but loading or depositing more money will be disabled on the same cards.
“To mitigate loss of money for those with Mobile Money deposits, the service will not be switched off for the unregistered, unverified and un-validated SIM cards. The period is to allow Mobile Money customers to either withdraw their balances or transfer them to registered SIM cards or to their banks however loading/depositing of more money will be disabled on the unverified cards,” said Tumwebaze.
Tumwbaze has revealed that UCC has received submission of at least 92% of the active sim cards in the country from telecom companies.
Tumwebaze’s statement comes against the backdrop of Parliament’s resolution to extend the registration exercise for not more than one year reasoning that NIRA has no capacity to register all Ugandans and yet many of the citizens have not yet obtained the national Identity cards.
Tumwebaze noted that registration of simcards is still on just registration for National IDs and all one ought to do is to dial *197# submit their National ID NIN number or visit their telecom service centers


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