Singer, Denis Rackla DEAD


Sad newst Ugandan singer and songwriter, Denis Rackla has passed on. The singer is said to have died after getting involved in a car accident on his way from his farm in Kayunga. “He was coming from his farm in Kayunga when the accident occurred.

Denis Rackla has been in the music industry since 2005. He was popular for his hit songs like “Tugenda Kusula Mungato” and “Kabiite” ft. Desire Luzinda among others.

He also wrote songs for many popular Ugandan artistes including, Juliana Kanyomozi, Qute Kaye, Iryn Namubiru, Priscila Kalibala, Rema Namakula and Henry Tigan to mention but a few.

on 1 with Dennis Rackla

Hope you have all heard the song “Mungatto”; well this song hit airwaves in and outside Uganda in flash. It soon became a favorite in many Ugandan clubs and at all Ugandan parties. Denis Rackla, a proud Muganda, born Mpima Denis prefers to describe his music as Afro-Beat. “I have never got a name for it, I could do Reggae or even Dancehall.” says Rackla.

Denis began singing from the time he could speak. His mum, Milly Namukasa is a musician but she specializes in band music, zouk and Salsa. At home singing became the order of the day. She now resides in the UK.

Denis started singing professionally in 2004; he recorded his first album “Maria Rosa”. In February 2004, he did a joint launch with Halima Namakula, Kyansuti and Trishilla and the launch was successful. He later returned to school and in late 2004 he released “Cinderella” where he featured his good friend Toolman. He continued with his studies. In 2006 after his A’ level, he left for the United kingdom and Sweden for 3 months. He performed alongside Ugandan artists like Iryn Namubiru, Nandujja, Henry Katamba and Silvia Namutebi, Nandujja’s daughter based in Sweden.

He came back in Uganda in October 2006; he remembers it was the same day as the PAM Awards. He rested for a month and headed back in studio and came back with the hit “Mungatto” in late 2006.

About “Mungatto”

He wrote the song himself and recorded by Kiwuwa at No End Studios. The female voice in the song is Ritah Kigozi. As the song says its about having fun, fun all night… dancing the night away.

His latest song “Katika” is about him, his life. It is a Swahili song calling people to come and dance, be happy with him, celebrate. He also talks about the different people we leave with.

Apart from singing, Denis is also a producer at No End Studios and a songwriter. He has been nominated for writing songs like “Njakunooba” and “Newadeyo” by Iryn Namubiru. He has also written songs like; “Mubiite” by Desire, “Tokyuse Mwami” by Priscilla Kalibala, “Tombowa Mukwano” bu Juliana Kanyomozi and “Kibaduguda” by Halima.  The list is endless and the sky is the limit for Denis.


May his soul rest in peace


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