October 29, 2020
October 29, 2020

Speaker Kadaga; It’s Not A Cult, Endorses Church Of Jesus Christ Of The Latter-Day Saint


Hon Ecweru Musa, Speaker Kadaga, Elder Joseph Sitati arriving at the church Kololo
KAMPALA: The speaker of Parliament Uganda, Rebecca Kadaga has allayed fears by some sections of the public that the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints in Uganda is a cult.
The church known as the LDS church or Mormon Church, is a nontrinitarian, Christian restorationist church that considers itself to be the restoration of the original church founded by Jesus Christ in way back thousands years
Kadaga added that members of the church are kind, saying that they have supported communities in rural areas countrywide through provision of social amenities including water sources.

From the left, Elder Joseph W. Sitati, Africa southeast area presidency, speaker Rebecca Kadaga, Min. Ecweru Musa, Kyambadde Fredrick area presidency Kampala at the mass
“When I first learned about this church through an invitation to attend your events, I was advised against associating with you people because I was told that you are a cult. I later learned that you are really good people,” Said Kadaga
Kadaga was speaking during the church’s annual event, “Light the World” with aimed at promoting acts of kindness in communities during the Christmas season by giving away the little you have to those who are in need and specially Volunarable ones.
Kadaaga reaffirmed and pledged to what it takes to lighten the people of her area Busoga in this X-Mass season following the acts of Jesus and called upon to the individuals to do the same in their area of residency.

Elder Joseph W. Sitati, Africa southeast area presidency
Light the World event was also attended by the Minister of State for Relief and Disaster Preparedness, Hon Musa Ecweru and Butembe County MP, Hon. Nelson Lufafa.
Ecweru comfird the  Government’s support for the church, saying that its members have provided humanitarian aid to many parts of the country and world over.
“Two days into the declaration of a state of emergency in Eastern Uganda, I saw smart people entering my office; I asked them what brought them to my office then they told me they came to relieve me of the burden and support my humanitarian endeavour,” Said Ecweru
Ecweru added that the church has played a key role in preaching tolerance amongst different religious beliefs and faiths.
“This church has a special way of preaching tolerance in a world where people who believe in one God fight each other,” added Ecweru.
Kyambadde Fredrick area presidency Kampala
The First Counselor in the Africa South East Area Presidency of the LDS, Elder Joseph W. Sitati encouraged the public to take advantage of the Christmas period to follow the example of Jesus by sharing and giving to their fellows
“Our message to all who know Jesus Christ, let this be a season of lighting the world through giving our time, our talent and our love so that we can bring a deeper meaning to this season in which we celebrate the birth of our Lord,” Said Elder Sitatia
Sitati applauded Speaker Kadaga for her exemplary leadership, saying that she has light the world within her sphere of influence and also pledged on behalf of the church full work with Government.
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