State amends charges against the alternative parliamentary coffin activists.


From left Mr. Ferdinard Lutta and Ms Achom Becky in the dock during court proceedings. Photo by Mukose Arnold Anthony

By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Prosecution has amended the charges it levied against the two activists belonging to the Alternative youth group who on June 4th stormed parliament in protest over the spate of continued murders and kidnaps of women and girls in Uganda.

State attorney Ms Kitimbo Janet on Wednesday morning during mention proceeding informed Buganda road court magistrate Robert Mukanza that due the concluded investigations have been forced to change the charges against Mr. Lutta Ferdinand and Ms Achom Becky from incitement of violence to public nuisance.

“Your warship, there have been changes in the charges from incitement of violence to public nuisance and investigations are in final stages” Prosecutor Kitimbo informed court.

Its alleged that on June 4th, the duo became nuisance when they stormed parliament with a coffin, a poster, a bell and a mega phone without authorization causing commotion.

The duo has however expressed dismay over how someone who is by law allowed to express dissatisfaction becomes nuisance over death of lives.

“It is really a shame that our charges have been changed to us being public nuisances yet our cause of demonstration was legal. It seems the authorities are happy over the continued kidnaps for ransom and murders” said dismayed Ms Achom.

“They can change to anything even if they say we dropped corpse at parliament, we are ready to defend our action and we shall continue to express our dissatisfaction in a non violent manner” Mr. Lutta vowed.

The matter was  adjourned to August 17 for hearing.


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