State House anti corruption unit can’t supervise us – DPP


By Ronald Kabuye
The Director of Public prosecution DPP Mike Chibita has trashed talks that the newly established state house anti corruption unit is meant to supervise their work.
Chibita says that the unit is meant to receive calls from the public on blockages and corrupt officers in public service and do follow ups on the same in conjunction with the relevant offices but not to supervise them since they are autonomous and set up by the constitution.
He also refuted allegations that the DPP’s office suffers from political interference by saying that they are completely independent.
He however said  the only area that government dictates  is the funding since they are not financially independent.

He described his officers as committed people who inspite of the numerous challenges ranging from lack of enough human and financial resources, technical support and legislations to help in recovering the money and property from the corrupt, they register 85% convictions of the corruption cases they prosecute.
Chibita is also very optimistic that the noise against corruption in combination with commitment and combined efforts from all to fight to the vice will help to eradicate corruption in the country.
Furthermore the DPP is against president  Museveni idea of incarceration of suspects until the cases against them are prosecuted to their logical conclusion.
Chibita says doing so would go against the liberty of individuals and the principal of innocence until proven guilty which is tested and proven to be fair.


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