October 21, 2020
October 21, 2020

Stop being drunk with state delegated power- youths tell regime sycophants.



By Mukose Arnold Anthony

The Alternative youth movement have Friday morning cautioned all Ugandans who seem to be in bed with all “evil” doings to wake up, failure to do so the country could end up in a total mess.

Addressing the media in Kampala, the movement deputy spokesperson Mr. Ssonko Isaac said that according to what the country went through last year including women and children kidnaps and subsequent murders, in addition to unjustifiable assassinations of government officials plus illegal land evictions, is a clear signal of danger if things don’t change in 2019.

He further added that what befell people like Gen Edward Kale Kayihura, Herbert Muhangi, Hajji Abudallah Kittata, Nixon Agasirwe, Col Atwoki  Ndahura among others, whose political power hung-over is at its peak, should be a lesson to other Ugandans in the same caliber.

The movement national coordinator Mr. Norman Tumuhimbise among other issues called upon all Ugandan clergy to borrow a leaf from their DR. Congo counter parts; failure to do so, their Churches and mosques may turn into temples of internally displaced refugees.

The Movement media and Communications Officer Mr. Mukose Arnold Anthony has lashed the government for its continued introduction of “illegal” policies and laws that target a certain section of people. Mukose added that the law isn’t the problem but implementing and enforcing the existing one should be best alternative.

Mukose was referring to the ongoing policy being drafted against the music industry which he said, copy right laws, media council guidelines and anti-pornography laws are in place which are believed to be enough to guide musicians.

“…if you talk of vetting artists’ work before going to air, have you ever recorded one? You mean the existing laws are weak? Stop ruling Ugandans by law and begin to practice the rule of law those legislators who are behind this policy ought to remember how POMA swallowed Rt.Hon. Amama Mbabazi who used to claim that it was for the opposition” Mukose noted.

Among other issues tackled was the silence of the business community, who think what is going on is none of their business plus the western world who continues to offer military support at the expense of Ugandans.

The Alternative Movement a youth activism group born by the Jobless brotherhood who believe in non-violence, equality for all and accountable leadership.

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