Stop complaining, focus on your work – Bishop Kibuuka cautions public


By Ronald Kabuye

The Bishop for central and Eastern provinces of Uganda in the Evangelical Orthodox Church EOC Jacinto Kibuuka  has advised the public especially  Christians to stop complaining to God but to rather focus on working for the betterment of their lives and to always endeavor to give thanks to God in-spite  of their situation.

The charismatic Bishop made the remarks during the monthly over night deliverance prayers held at Mamre international prayer center namugongo Janda on Saturday which were attended by a mammoth of congregates despite the heavy downpour, coldness and the mud.

“God has instructed me to tell you to stop complaining because what He is going to give you is much more than what you own,  for your coming here and praising Him means He has called you by name so don’t worry and fear but have faith which comes with actions . Read Isaiah 43:1-3” said Kibuuka

Bishop Kibuuka also derived his preaching from Ephesians 5:16- on wards which instructs believers to stop wasting their time, being like fools, not to get drunk with alcohol, to stop taking things for granted but rather to understand what God wants which he said is the only key to continuous receiving from God that is attained through continuous Thanks giving to God,  prayer and fasting.

Quoting Romans 1:25 Bishop Kibuuka said Thanksgiving to God is a must and is one of the steps to holiness hence failing to comply with it tantamount to a sin.
“there is no way you can fail to find a reason to thank God. Some of reasons include any material blessings, financial blessings,  children, any battle God has fought for you,  friends, Job, friends, trials and persecutions, salvation of Jesus Christ, good health,  the gift of life among others ”  said Bishop Kibuuka

Reading from Acts of apostles 12:1-11
Bishop Kibuuka also gave a message of hope to the congregation that God will save them from all kinds of captivity and prison under everyone’s watch including their enemies for as long they are  obedient, prayerful and thankful to God. 


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