Stop fighting other religions, Naduli cautions leaders


By Ronald Kabuye

The minister without portfolio and national mobilization al-hajji Abdul Naduli has urged religious leaders to unit and love one another instead of inciting immorality, violence and hatred against their fellow religious leaders.

While opening the first ever African evangelical orthodox catholic church (Antioch church) council of Bishops from all the globe at Eleanorah hotel in kampala, al-Hajji Naduli emphasized the fact that there is only one almighty living God who all religious sects serve.

“It’s good to value the religion you believe in but do not sabotage or antagonize other religions because then you will be fighting God. As for us government we welcome all religions since they come with development” said Naduli.

In the same way the Rev. Bishop elect for central and eastern Uganda Jacinto Kibuuka whose consecration is slated for Sunday the 12th November at Mamre prayer center Namugongo Janda, challenged the council to put all their efforts, use all their knowledge, expertise, contacts and resources towards succumbing the challenges faced by evangelism, catholism or Christianity across the globe but more especially on the African continent.

Meanwhile the facilitator of the day professor Allan Mulengaine Katwalo expressed dismay with the manner in which traditional church leaders reject the successful, confused, sick and less privileged despite the fact that God continue to considered them His own and relevant.

He also cited lack of ownership and overwhelming success as one of the causes of failure to implement the planned objectives which in the end make churches irrelevant to its followers.


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