Stop leaving cannulars on patients, saling anti biotics without doctor’s prescription – MOH



By Ronald Kabuye
Medics have been cautioned against leaving cannular on patients after administering treatment since it puts them at high risk of getting more bacteria infection.
The call has been sounded by the director general in the ministry of health,  Dr. Henry Mwebase during the media breakfast meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance, also referred to as antibiotics  resistance .
Dr. Mwebase said that more efforts are to be put in sensitising and educating the health workers and the general public about the dangers of leaving cannular on patients after administering treatment and patients moving with them.

In the same meeting, the permanent secretary ministry of health, Dr Diana Atwine said that they are in the process of arresting and charging pharmacists or medical facilities that sale anti biotics and other strong drugs to people without the Doctor’s prescription.
She said the aim of rolling out such an operation is because it’s the major reason as to why there is increased disease resistance to anti biotics or drugs.
According to DR. Henry Kajumbula a consultant from Makerere school of health sciences,  drug failure to heal diseases ( antimicrobial resistance) will be the leading cause of poverty globally by 2030 as per World Bank.
He added that antimicrobial resistance also results into other disastrous diseases like cancers, kidney complications among others.
He cited out drugs like Ampicillin, Amoxicillin among others as the most antimicrobial resistance antibiotics apparently.
Antimicrobial resistance globally contributes to 700,000 deaths annually and it’s projected to rise to 10 million by 2050 if the status quo remains.

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