Stop making Ssemujju a small god in FDC- Sarah Eperu



By Ronald Kabuye
Drama ensued at the Forum Democratic Change FDC headquarters on Monday morning before the weekly press conference began as the FDC woman league spokesperson and a self claimed Party president spokesperson a position that doesn’t exist within the party structures Sarah Eperu could not hold back her anger against the party spokesperson and Kira Municipality legislator hon Ibrahim Ssemujju who she accused of declining to address press conference due to her presences.
Eperu alleged that Ssemujju’s actions only indicate that she doesn’t want women in the party yet the party is for everyone hence wondering why of all party officials he doesn’t want to be at the same table with her as if she has thones before cautioning the top party officials to stop making him a small god in the party.
” this party is for everyone not only for Sssemuju who is seen as a small god in the party and if he is not cautioned we shall leave the party for them since other parties are yearning for us.
Am a senior member of the party and Ssemujju joined at City square, when you see him in parliament you think he is man enough but the reverse is true because he can not even face me” said Eperu
Eperu revealed that her decision not to support Ssemujju during the 2016 elections is the reason for receiving that hate from Ssemujju.
In rather unusual way Ssemujju who was feared not to appear to address the press showed up with some of the top party officials including the party president Eng Patrick Amuriat Oboi, secretary general Nathan Nandala Mafabi, his deputy Harold Kaija, the vice president eastern Salaamu Musumba among others.
When asked to comment about Eperu’s assertation Ssemujju declined to.
Some reliable party officials we spoke to who preferred not to be identified told us that Ssemujju had refused to address the press thus the company of the top officials.
They also revealed that Eperu was directed to stop imposing as the FDC president press secretary and assuming the roles of the party spokesperson like allocating the people to address the media on various issues, stopped from ordering the secretiat workers to open the secretary general’s office since she can not account for it in case of any the loss before describing Eperu as a bully.
Ever since the the election of Patrick Amuriat oboi as the party president there has been bad blood between the former president Mugisha Muntu supporters and  Amuriate supporters.

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