Stop preaching hate instead of peace, Uganda’s achievements-Deputy speaker Oulanya


deputy speaker of parliament RT. Hon Jacob Oulanya. file photo

By Ronald Kabuye
The deputy speaker of Uganda’s parliament Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanya has urged Ugandans to desist from spreading and believing hate and chaos messages as opposed to peace  and the country’s achievements messages ever since the National Resistance Movement NRM was ushered into power.
Oulanya wondered where those he termed as “funny politicians” derive the mantle to spread hate, chaos and war in order to change government yet all  prophets and holy books encourage peace.
He advised those that aspire to change the sitting government to do it through the rightful methods not wars or violence.
“Am tired of chaos  in this country, lets celebrate our achievements. It’s the only way we can consolidate peace and the country’s future.
There are a lot of achievements registered in all sectors be it security, health, education, infrastructure, democracy among others.
Let’s stop being selfish but rather embrace each other. The front line, struggle and the work for peace starts from where you are. Together let’s consolidate peace.” said Oulanya

some of the key guest speakers showing a solidarity symbol at the dinner. courtesy photo

The Rt. Hon deputy speaker made the remarks during the Annual peace dinner 2018 at hotel Africana.
The global peace Foundation ambassador Uganda chapter, Kambula Milton said the dinner was geared at thanking God for the country’s achievements and to make peace commitments for the coming year 2019.
The dinner was attended to by delegates from different corners of the world.


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