Stop Religious Intolerance, persecution only makes the victims popular -Bishop Kibuuka



By Ronald Kabuye
The Bishop for central and Eastern provinces of Uganda in the evangelical orthodox Church ( Catholic Antioch rite) Jacinto Kibuuka has advised religious leaders and their followers to desist from the acts of religious intolerance.
The charismatic Bishop who is also the chairperson of the Christian ecumenical Council of Uganda CECU made the remarks during the commemoration of the Uganda martyrs at Mamre international prayer centre Namugongo Janda where his and five other churches held  separate celebrations.
He laughed off those who persecute others especially when it religion saying that such acts only makes  victims popular and famous because God uses that very reason to raise them.
He emphasized that the constitution of Uganda grants every person the freedom of worship as they may wish hence a need to respect other people’s religions.
“Malice, intrigue and jealous must be condemned by the pro-claimers of Faith. You can not claim to emulate martyrs and be regarded as a religious leader when you possess such habits. it’s only those that practice and preach tolerance that are true Christians.” said Bishop Kibuuka

In the same way the charismatic Bishop also appealed to the kidnappers to have mercy in their hearts and stop such  habits.
” You can not save this nation by killing, kidnapping, revenging, sacrificing, bewitching and torturing people. The perpetrators of such habit must stop and government should strengthen and continue protecting it’s citizens.
I assure you without peace there can never be development, let’s not fight one another but rather let’s forgive, respect and love one another.
In the same the minister without portfolio Al Hajji Abdul Naduli resounded the same message of love for one another.
The event that was preceded by a
deliverance overnight prayers were many people got healed was also attended by the colonel Juma Seiko.

The six dominions that unit under CECU include  Evangelical Orthodox Church, Orthodox Anglican Church, World Wide Anglican Church, Universal Peace Federation, Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church and Charismatic Episcopal Church

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