Stop using our colors in your political activism- UPC


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
The second eldest Ugandan political party, the Uganda peoples’ congress have cautioned and lashed at all political activists to stop using their red color in their political activism without the consent of the party which is directly affiliated to the said color.
Addressing the weekly press briefing at party headquarters at Uganda house in Kampala,  Mr. Lawrence Okayi the party chairman said that ever since the introduction constitutional amendment 2017 where article 102b dubbed TOGYIKWATAKO red has been used without their consent.

“Every political party has its identity color and ours is Red, Black and Blue but ever since 2017 of the constitutional amendment and Mbale constitutional case hearing red was used irresponsibly” Mr. Okayi noted
“With great concern, the party is not happy by the indiscipline being exhibited by the political activists who use our colors in their activism tainting our party hence they should stop using it and if not, we shall unleash our next move once we reach there” Mr. Okayi added.

Chairman Okayi wonders why out of all political colors, they chose red but when asked whether it isn’t too late for them to express their dismay, Mr. Okayi said that criminality has no time frame and they are to battle out everyone who will continue to misuse their color.

“Its not too late because criminality has no period instead they should stay warned” angry Okayi reacted.

“We have seen them fighting and doing all sorts of indiscipline acts in our color which makes many to associate with use” He alleged.


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  1. Im President of the Uganda National Convention and my Party colors are Red and Black, our symbol is a spear and a shield.We cant be dictated upon by this Okayi !! Who told him that Red is for UPC alone!!

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