October 22, 2020
October 22, 2020

Stop using the party’s money to fund People Power activities ,NRM leaders, supports tell off HON.Najjuma


Mboowa Nathan
National Resistance Movement (NRM) in Nakaseke district have have warned the Nakaseke woman member of Parliament Sarah Najjuma to stop using the Nrm party money to fund some of the people power leaders who want to enter parliament .
According to areliable sources from Nakaseke who asked not to disclose them told us that the houourable member has always asked money from the party chairman claiming to be a good cadre doing a underground job yet she is busy dealing with people power .
“We have known Najjuma for a good time ,we supported her during the 2016 elections though she never supported others like the Nrm beareer of Nakaseke South Sekabira Moses and it’s on record ,Najjuma is funding a one Serunkuuma Salim who wants to take the Kawempe North seat in parliament and we shall not all this to happen .” Nrm supporters cautioned
They have also pinned the hon.member of Parliament always beeing seen moving and looking for support at night for a one Serunkuuma Salim whom he even bought a vehicle for .
“Najjuma come out and tell the public that you moved to people power ,why move at night in a search for votes ? Just do that during day such that every one gets to know you , you want to fail our government and the Nrm leadership ,we cant tollarate that and you should stay warned .supporters and leaders said
Serunkuuma Salim is the people power candidate for Kawempe North and also a boyfriend to Najjuma who supporters say that they have even forced to mp to shift from Nakaseke to Kawempe where she stays now .
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