By Ronald Kabuye

Ignorance has been cited as the major cause of malnutrition amongst Ugandans which in the end results into stunting amongst children thus affecting their brains which leads to under performance in all aspects.

This has been disclosed by the coordinator of an organization that brings together all stakeholders in various disciplines code named Civil Society Alliance for Nutrition Uganda CISANU Richard Tinkasimire Baguma.

“The biggest drive of malnutrition is ignorance, lack of information and unwillingness to act on the information that we get so we get bombarded with miss leading information by those who want to make profits especially in the private sector.

For example they claim food supplements are very good yet they are just to supplement the food you eat  and they are never the main food, so they are never better than the nature provided food which is breast feeding.” Said Baguma

Baguma said that as members of CISANU working together with government come up with a strategy to eliminate ignorance amongst Ugandan on the same.

said that the a four pillar strategy includes empowering the parents to focus on the child’s first two years inclusive of the 9 month of pregnancy, promotion of Ugandan nutritious diet as opposed to processed foods from abroad, promotional of community role models and ensuring collective accountability for all.

“Each area in Uganda has its nutritious food but unfortunately what we find on the shelves of the supermarkets is processed supplementary foods from abroad.

That’s why we advise that at least every family have a back yard garden where vegetables and some fruits are grown from.” Said Baguma

Meanwhile Dr. Boaz Musiime from the Office of the prime minister which also doubles as the coordinating office for scaling up nutrition in the country revealed that stunting has reduced from 33.4% in 2011 to 29%.

He advised parents to feed their children to a proper diet like on fruits, proteins, and vegetables as opposed to buying them sweet foods.

He added that sanitation, hygiene, attending Antenatal care, de-worming children and desisting from acts of domestic violence are also key in fighting malnutrition and stunting among young ones especially below two years.

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