Summie cares expand Education wings to vulnerable people



By Mukose Arnold Anthony
As the national the economy continue to worry Ugandans, many sectors ncluding the education sector have been grossly affected leading to a high rate of school drop outs.

Its believed that educating a girl child means educating a nation this is no longer a debate since in Uganda today, women are the centre of many family’s support socially, economically and morally, if all families progress like this Uganda will progress too.

Many innovators and girl child centered groups have boosted the promotion of this weaker sex and Summie Cares is a group of youths whose efforts are centered in empowering girls through education services.

This initiative has for now years been steered by Sumayiyah Muwonge a Television personality with the aim of serving the community and making sure that every child can access best education services in Uganda.

Almost over 50% of the children around Luzira Kirombe in Nakawa stay home watching friend going to school which forced the the initiators to start from this area.

Luzira is one of the areas in Kampala which houses many parents from the North who live on petty jobs only for lunch survival.

Speaking to Sumayiyah Muwonge on the initiative, she said that many children want to access education but the difficulties are in finances for school fees and scholastics.

“We are here to see that all Ugandan children access equal education opportunities given the fact that most children are dropping out due to the hardened economy”  Muwonge highlighted.

She add that they are giving out bursaries to vulnerable children at no costs “Summie Cares is now giving out Education Busaries and to get a Busary in Summie Cares you dont require any registration fee. Let’s join hands to educate a Ugandan Child” Sumayiyah added

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