Why Synergy partners ventured in tree estates


By Ronald Kabuye
One of the leading land developer company in the country, synergy partners limited a real estate developer has evoked it’s innovative factor by venturing in the tree plantation estate, the first of its kind in Uganda with the aim of helping the environment, fighting deforestation coupled with getting returns from the investment besides dealing in residential estates.
During the media tour of the Amaya tree estate in Nakitoma- Nakasongola District, Jaffar Tonda, the team leader of synergy partners said that after the realisation of the growing deforestation rate in the country with now forest cover standing at 78% coupled with the growing high population which uses fire wood as their source of energy and global climate change factor, it informed their mind to mitigate all the above with an additional benefit of earning from the investment.
At only 18 million shillings one gets 5 acres of land with mile land title inclusive of Bush clearing fee, then the client pays an additional 4.8 millions for the period of six months to establish the plantation and there after a retainer fee of 300,000 shillings for the period of three years which makes the entire process affordable.
“The advantage of these payments is that it makes the entire process more economical since we split all this infrastructural costs to many people then the client handling the project himself” said Jaffar.
The project which sits on 1000 acres of land has been in place for the last one and half years and so far 100,000 trees have planted on it.
Synergy also has a vision of constructing a timber processing industry to ease the market access for their clients which will also help them to earn more as compared to involving the brokers.
However this project that is gazetted for only tree planting has not come on the silver platter due to the many scooters on the land and those with duo ownership.
According to Gideon Musoke the director of designs and survey they zeroed on doing massive sensitisation of the occupants which they do by involving higher authorities during the survey process.
“The other thing we do is getting into deep negotiation with the people and most times we compensate the scooters for the land they do not own all in abide to ease the entire process.” said Gideon.
James Otimong, the plantation supervisor, said that much work is from tree planting to a period of three years.
“Once the client is done with purchase, we first do bush clearing, lining out and pitting, then tree planting and then maintaining activities which goes with technical knowledge but much work is in the first three years” said James.


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