By Ronald Kabuye
Opposition Forum for Democratic change FDC is in consultation with other opposition political parties, religious leaders, civil society organisations and other stakeholders to come up with the relevant measures to tame the sitting president Yoweri Kagutta museveni and his agents from amending the constitution especially article 102 b that regards the presidential age limit that is stipulated between 35 to 75 years.
This has been revealed by the party publicist Ibrahim Ssemujju Ngenda during a press briefing at their headquarters.
Ssemujju says that incase museveni fails to tame his appetite for power, they will help him to before cautioning his agents especially members of parliament that are in support of the amendment of the age limit that they are subject to a legitimate target for their struggle.
“if Museveni doesn’t tame his appetite for power,  we shall cut him off because he thinks he is a super star.
We also warn those who will help him to extend his rule that they are legitimate target of this struggle” said Ssemujju
Ssemujju thus appealed to the public to join the struggle in what he termed as helping museveni not to die in office as they wait for the party and other stakeholders to announce the joint and individual measures.
Meanwhile FDC national executive committee will meet on Tuesday to further harmonize the party presidential elections slated in November this year and the guidelines for  elections in the newly created districts.
Responding to the infights in the party especially between the Secretary General Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi and the electoral commission boss Dan Mugarura in regards to elections in newly created districts , Ssemujju said that as party members they disagree on principles but they have the mechanism of turning them into a decision that they all consent with.


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