By Kabuye Ronald
Hon. Ekwau Ibi Florence former MP Kabairamaido consitutency has been elected as Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC east African legislative Assembly EALA candidate after beating all the other 8 candidates in the race.
Ekwau who now awaits parliament approval gunned 20 voters while her closest competitor and secretary for mobilization gunned 18 voters, other included Ayo Innocent gunned six , Baguma Patrick got seven voters, Tindyebwa Joseph got two votes, Kyambadde wilberforce got four voters, Paga Gloria got five voters while Mayemba Herbert and Ojubile Augustine left empty handed.
Ojubile, tindyebwa, mayemba, Baguma and Paga accepted the outcome though ingrid partly accepted the defeat but she insisted on going to EALA claiming that the two slots for opposition are supposed to be for FDC thus  appealing to all FDC mps to fight for their slots so that she can also go as the second best.
Ingrid who also described the current EALA as a caucus for the ruling dictators said the even when she fails to make it to  EALA she still stands by the defiance campaign that recognise Dr. Besigye as the president and will continue to popularise it.
on her side Ekwau thanked everyone before revealing that now the bigger battle remains in parliament but promised to make it.
Ekwau also promised to work closely with the party and everyone to the party and country’s mission achieved.
Meanwhile Ayo Innocent who gunned only six votes has refuted the outcomes saying that people who were manding the elections and party affairs are not national executive committee NEC members.
this comes in awake of FDC MPs from acholi region led by Odonga Otto are threatening to exit the party over discrimination and non transparency and  Ayo is also from the same region.
however the deputy Chairperson of the FDC electoral commission and also the MP for Nakawa division Michael Kabaziguruka has declined to comment on Ayo assertion until their office gets an official petition before adding that everyone in FDC is at liberty to exit the party.
Only 62 NEC members took to vote out of the 69 members and no vote was put to waste.
The elections were peacefully and security inside the party headquarters was manded by FDC personells while out side police was in charge.
Before NEC members took to vote, all the candidates where given eight minutes to articulate their manifesto to them.
Meanwhile the candidate supporters who were not NEC members made the day colourful with the dances, drums, whistles and songs of praise for their candidates exhibited in posts and banners they were holding.


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