excitment, dancing, joy and singing in praise of various candidates that are contesting to represent the opposition forum for democratic change In the East African Legslative Assembly EALA representative who they will then forward to parliament for accreditation has been the order of the day at the party headquarters.
nine people are in the race for this single position and now the ball is in the hands of the national executive committee NEC members to decide since they make the electoral college.
this morning security has been beefed up outside the party headquarters by police and in side by FDC security personals to deter those they anticipated to dis organize the elections.
campaign by the nine candidates kicked off this morning where each candidate was given eight minutes to relay his or her manifesto to the nec members.
in the race is Ekwau Ibi Florence who promised to rally all countries especially in opposition to have political actualization, infrastructural development, term limits, common market and swahili language for easy trade , Ingrid Turinawe said she will support monitorary policy to stimulate trade, economy, investment east African bank, have standards in governance, term limits for all east African countries, single electoral commission to over see
all the countries elections, advocate human rights and promote the defiance campaign, wilberforce Kyambadde promised to advocate for opposition interest, governance issues and a standing force like that of ECOWAS, Ojubile Augustine pledged to boost legal representation, mobilization, term limits for all member states, push for minimum wage, Baguma Jolly Patrick, Promised to lobby for the party,enforce party planing and strategic framework, Dr. Tindyebwa Joseph whose agenda focuses on regional and international partnership, political emanspation, strategy and unity,  Ayo Innocent highlighted that the problems of east African community are not social or economical but rather political hence luring the voters to consider a person who will pursue democracy over dictatorship and who works in interest of change. Mayemba Herbert who took to the podium with his Philiphine wife said his aspirations to have the east African protocol put to use and he will advocate for democracy.
Paga Gloria who revealed the she inspired by Dr. Kizza Besigye and maj. Gen. Mugisha muntu who held high ranking offices at a tender age   said she will advocate for equity at all levels, political integration, common democracy value and youth employment through a common market, industrial and vocational training.


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