The 2019 Goats Race Officially Launched


By Andrew Visper

Yesterday, it was a round a half a night when the Tycoon Rajiv Rupaleria launches the 2019 “Goat’s Race” at Kabira County Club that will take place on 12th of Oct’ 2019 at Speak Resort Munyonyo.

A cross section of people comprising of: Goat’s Race, corporate, diplomats, glitterati, business men, travel blogger and media, social media influencers and a cross section of high society flocked in by the droves were eyewitness while the man with all Game Changer Rajiv Officially kicks it off.

Unlike before, yesterday there was a fundraising, 15 million for building flashed toilet at Kamwokya G Sch with the intention/heart of helping students to access clean toilets and also to avoid diseases that can affect children’s from one another.

As usual, there’s a wonderful performance by the difference goat’s, showing how beautiful they are and also to attract the bider with a high coast.

“Every year we organised the Goat’s Race, not because of out benefits but to fundraising money for those that in need, especially the Getto Children’s and also to put money in Rajiv Rupaleria Foundation where we normally give free scoraship” Said Ravji at the Launch.

“This time round it gonna be more than you expected, and it’s never be before, come with your family, Kids will be dashing for the bouncing castles while those with various colour-coded will be also enjoying other perished game” Added Rajiv

In fact, the air will be alive with mouthwatering scents of roasting chicken, goat’s ribs, fish and sea food.

Besides the traditional competitions for Best Dressed Couple; Best Dressed man; Best Hat; Best Dressed Lady; Best Dressed Child and Best Goat Name, this time there were prizes for photo uploads. These included Best selfie; Best couple Selfie; Best Goat Impression and cute Group Selfie among others. All competitions won prizes.

The goats raced, of course, pushed by the goat handlers on the track but it will apparent that most of the goats fielded for the event were visibly not in a racing mood.

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