The 2021 election: Congratulations to the losers.

Dear you who finished second, third and etc, History won’t be kind to you. You will hear great applause, but misdirected. There will be congratulations thrown at you, but interlaced with furtive glimpses of consolation. You will be remembered as the one who lost, if remembered at all. 

The 2021 election: Congratulations to the losers.
By Andrew Visper
You will be remembered as the one who didn’t make it to the winning line, though you did but just not in time. And each time you’re spoken of, there will be a mention of the one who beat you. But when they speak of the one who beat you, nobody will remember you.
Ministerial List who lose 2021 parliamentary elections;
1. Vice president. Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi
2. Ephraim Kamuntu (Justice minister)
3. Mwesigwa Rukuntana (labour minister)
4. Ruth Nankabirwa (Chief Whip)
5. Simon Lokodo (Ethics minister)
6. Ronald Kibuule (Water minister)
7. Rosemary Sseninde (Education minister)
8. Chrysostom Muyingo (Education minister)
9. Haruna kasolo (Microfinance minister)
10. Christopher kibazanga (Agriculture minister)
11. Elioda Tumwesigye (science and technology minister)
12. Beatrice Anywar (Environment minister)
13. Amelia Kyambadde (Trade and cooperative minister)
14. Nakiwaka Kiyinji (Youth minister) 
15. Beti Kamya (Lands minister)
16. Judith Nabakooba (ICT minister)
17. Kasirivu Atwooki (vice president office)
18. Isaac Musumba (urban planning minister)
19. Ernest Kiiza (Bunyoro affairs)
20. Vincent Ssempijja (Agriculture minister)
21. Molly Kamukama
22. Jane Akiror (Teso affairs)
But is that so bad? Haven’t you half-tasted victory and half-tasted defeat? Don’t you have an edge over all others because you’re at the golden cusp of the two? The ones behind you don’t know what it’s like to lose to the champion, because they lost to you. The one in front of you knows not how it is to lose at all. And the better you get at losing, the closer you get to winning.
You’ve also been given the gift of hope, which by the way is a curious thing to hold. If not in the right proportions, hope kills. Faster than a cigarette would. The moment you finish second, you are handed over the very amount of hope you’re going to need. Congratulations, for now you have hope to finish first the next time around. And with that, my friend, you have something that even the winner does not!
Enjoy finishing second while you still can. While you’re still rid of the burden of victory. While you still dream of winning the crown. While you don’t suffer nightmares of losing the title. Just like the same person you beat for to come in, the pain you feel, it's the same pain he/her feels at moment. So you really deserve it, congratulations once again to loser and congratulations for the new generation and welcome to the 11th August house.
Enjoy your second position before you win the next time. If not I pray it to be your end journey of politics, Amen.
Yours lovingly,