October 22, 2020
October 22, 2020

The current wave of crime is caused by economic stress- DP’ Mao



By Ronald Kabuye
The opposition Democratic Party DP says that the current wave of criminality is brought about by the economic stress in country contrary to President Museveni’s assertation of population explosion which DP described as sinical and illogical.
While addressing a weekly press conference at the party headquarters in Kampala, the party president Hon. Norbert Mao said the current criminalities are caused by the inequitable economic policies that are filled with nepotism and favor of the few who are highly connected.
He said that the same, many people who are displaced, Jobless graduates, those who are evicted by KCCA and other local authorities, the evicted fishermen, the Jobless and the 11 million crime preventers are the ones who turned into criminal practices for survival.
Mao says that the only solution to this is rethinking of the country’s economic policies with the goals of development that are equitable, that bridge a gap of haves and have nots with land justice and have locals owning up businesses since most prominent businesses are owned by foreigners who repatriate the money back to their countries rather than just arresting criminals, confronting them and increasing taxes which he says is treating the symptoms instead of diagnosing the really problem.

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