July 10, 2020
July 10, 2020

The Dream Of Love



Sometimes when you dream it only seem like magic, you think its right within it, its true most of the dreams come true and we realize they were just more than dreams.

At times when i dream i say its just a dream but it seems so real and its more difficult when you dream of someone you love and wake up alone in bed, whenever i dream of you i wake up thinking about you, its like we were meant to be but only if i dream about you.

We dream of people we can never get close too and even those we have never seen,that is the weirdest part of dreaming, it mostly gets you crazyImage result for DREAM OF LOVE

when you dream of being in love with someone you always watch from a distance, it can drive you to its ends and when i sleep and dream of such beauties of love i only wish not to wake up while all is gone, i do love to dream mostly when am dreaming of the people i love but have you ever had a dream of love that sweet essence which wakes you up smiling

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