September 30, 2020
September 30, 2020

“The Problem Of South Sudan Is Not Political, It’s Civil War And It Won’t Solved By Politics” Said The Archbishop, Patriarch Lwanga


By Lubowa Babu Hussein

Archbishop Christopher Lwanga Tusubira, the Archbishop of the world wide Anglican Church also the patriarch of the world wide Anglican church in the whole world has appealed to the south Sudan authorities and citizens to advocate for  peace and stability.

The patriarch said this while officially installing the three archbishop’s of South Sudan at Ku kyewamala, Wamala Wakiso district. Consecrate two Bishops, one for Ethiopia and the other for Eastern Uganda – Mount Elgon WAC Diocese
On the same day, the Patriarch received over ten South Sudanese Bishops who joined the Worldwide Anglican Church from the Anglican Church of South Sudan and installed The Rev Prof Dr Sams Kironde – Kigozi as a CANON and Principal of our Trinity Theological College. 

“The world wide Anglican church of South Sudan, the whole it, joined the world wide anglican church last year and when they joined our church they divided their province into  three parts and it’s those very provinces whose archbishop’s have been installed to day” Said the archbishop patriarch Lwanga.

The world wide anglican church, is the most fastest anglican growing group church in the world because of its stand against homosexuality.
“In the church, we believe and say that homosexuality and sex out side marriage is sin and therefore our stand has attracted so many believer and followers in the entire continent” said the patrairch
The patriarch Lwanga adds that, they have appealed to the installed archbishops to advocate for harmony amongst people of South Sudan.
“We know and believe the problem of South Sudan is not political and it won’t be solved by political guns, it’s a social problem, the problem is civil war/Tribe war, tribes  fighting each tribe, so we have appealed to our Bishop’s to go cause reconciliation among the tribe in South Sudan so that  peace can prevail in that country” Says Patriarch.
World wide church is a big church which is found in the entire continent of the world,they have several archbishop’s, Bishops and priests in all the continent.
In the meeting of the archbishop’s held in ‘Tokyo’ Japan in 2017 they elected Archibishop Lwanga as the church patrairch/leader in the world until the  retirement age ’65’ years ..
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