October 28, 2020
October 28, 2020

The Untold Story: Prime Minister Rugunda, His Son and Sydney allegedly Behind Fake Cryptocurrency With Intention Of stealing People’s Money


By Our Reporters
KAMPALA: Dr. Ruhankana Rugunda, the prime minister of Uganda, his son Kwame Rugunda the chairman block chain association and executive director Financial intelligence authority Sydney Asubo are allegedly linked behind fraudulently Cryptocurrency with intentions of taking people’s money using the advantage of Uganda not being with the law that governs coin business.
This comes after the exclusive interview with “Dunamiscoins Resources Limited” victims with this website after most of the  Government agencies/institutions failing to help them hence their only hope now lies in meeting president Museveni since the company was launched  by him at it’s opening ceremony in 2019.
Sydney Asubo Executive Director Financial intelligence Authority at the Parliament
Sam Lubega Linton chairman Dunamiscoins Victims told PressUg that “Dunamiscoins” was operating  as a Financial institution and was accredited by Uganda microfinance regulatory authority (UMRA).
the authority responsible for monitoring and supervising micro finances after certified license.
This website has learnt that “Dunamiscoins” it was well registered and given all certified documents-license-certificate to operate in Uganda. It opened up several branches and the main branch was in Kampala  at the “New Tax Park” and other branches in Mbarara, Mukono, Mbale and Mony more.
Lubega continue to narrate that community members started investing their money with intention of getting 30 percent to 40 percent profit depending on the money invested.
It started in January last year and before it’s closure it had more than 500 clients whose money was Frozen on it’s account in the names of “Dunamiscoins Resources Limited however on 11th of February 2020 the victims organised a peace demonstration coordinated from all branches across the country to match up to parliament.
Dunamiscoins Victims)
the victims since then have tried all avenues to get  their money back but in vain.
Dunamiscoins was among the best performing (Financial) on the event graced by his excellent Yoweri K Museveni, prime minister Rugunda invited by his son Okwame Rugunda according to the victim Lubega.
“We want Government to intervene in this matter . President Museveni him self must look into his Minister’s son Rugunda  and Sydney Asubo the executive director Financial intelligence authority since they combined to cone us off ” Lubega Said
“I  invested in 100 million hoping to get some good profit and after 21 working days I received 40 percent profit on a total i received 140 million. After having my cash they told me if you want to invest, you invest again and you get more profit. I re-invested 100 million and expected to get my money on 18th-December but unfortunately the company’s account was frozen by Financial intelligence authority (FIA) on command of Sydney Asubo” Hassan narrates to this website
www.pressug.com has learnt that, since Hassan who also has banking knowledge said this a dirty game which has been played for a quite long time since it’s ‘Kwame Rugunda’ the son of prime minister Dr. Ruhankana Rugunda who opened up those companies and started fooling Ugandan’s that directors of Dunamiscoins went away with people’s money of which it’s not true. “They connive and take our money” Hassan Said.
He adds that Sydney Asubo is ever making them weak not to get their money, last time they met him  he said  he only knows 600 million he frozen on ‘Dunamiscoins Resources Limited’ account as opposed to 20.35 billions.
This website has learnt that one of the Dunamiscoins manager in one of the banks where money was Frozen from, a victim in Dunamiscoins case who requested to hide her name for the safety of her job. Personally went up to Moroto to access all these Dunamiscoins accounts with intention to know how much money Frozen, which banks and when the exact time.
“Centenary bank had 10.35 billion of which was showing ‘Red’ and the account frozen a week before when the company was still operating. GT bank had 5 Billions and Stanbic bank had 5 Billions equaling to 20.35 Billions”. Said the Manager who asked this website to hide his name.
This website has learnt that ever since the company closed, so far 8 victims committed suicide. However Hassan Says that, Kwame Rugunda opens this company account in the names of other people.
” What we want is all our money back because we know money is on different accounts. Especially Mr. Museveni we have a lot of trust in you sir since your directive can give us justice.
We don’t want your money  president Museveni , many of our fellows have killed themselves, our kids are not in schools, we are in great depression and with all this anger people can’t vote you in upcoming elections.” Hassan Said
Hassan Lubega told this website that Dr. Ruhankana Rugunda must be knowing the truth but his grooming his son to be a thief , may be when the son gets this money they both share thats why he keeps defending him.
“It’s our appeal to president, he may think we need free money yet we cry out to get our money unless  the president him self is in the same game as people out there are telling us or may be this Dunamiscoins business was started to preserve money to inject in the next coming election since Museveni him self launched Dunamiscoins and he call upon the public to come and invest”  Hassan Said
another depressed victim John Marry who kept explaining to us with tears rolling down the cheeks, elaborated how he was conned off.
“One of my friends who was among the workers with Dunamiscoins, I found him at a certain shop and he  told me this business gives clear profit. The moment you invest 2 Million you get 30 percent profit per every million, 2 Million and above you get 40 percent profit after 21 working days you receive a message on your phone with a remainder that your money is matured and ready to pick” John narrates
“I started with 400,000 and after received clear profit later I invested 20 million. Unfortunately ever since the company closed am now jobless,  I invested all the money got from working abroad and reached  the point of terminating my VISA after realising that the business is working smoothly. Sad to me that am now regretting why I decided to invest my money, I have heart attach and the doctors advised me to stop thinking about that money fear to death but I can’t because I have no where start” John-explain
This website has learnt that the majority Victims are low income and earners, those people selling food, tea, road side small business and poor people sleeping in Ghettos of Kampala.
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