To defeat malnutrition, stunting, eat local available foods- experts



By Ronald Kabuye

Ugandans have been urged to feed on the local available foods, in a safe and clean environment in order to defeat the malnutrition that stand at 29% in children below five years.

According to the head of nutrition in the office of the prime minister, Mr. Boaz Musimenta, Local available food is the only easy and affordable way of achieving good nutrition outcome since it only requires one to know how their traditional typical meals look like.

“Pillar number two, that advocates for consumption of locally available foods in the national communication and advocacy strategy, encourages people to eat their food as they have it traditionally that’s: Eat your carbohydrates that’s banana, rice, cassava, sweet potatoes and others with vegetable, balance the plant and animal source protein for example mix beans with silver fish and fruits.

We need to also be creative for instance, if you children don’t like vegetables, you can mix it with the source than they will consume it since both are inseparable.” Said Musimenta

Mr Richard Baguma Tinkasimire, the coordinator of Civil Society Alliance for Nutrition Uganda (CISANU), said its high time we must educate ourselves and those around us and also understand that consuming of the locally available food is something of higher grade as opposed to the opposite.

“ for you to understand that the consuming the locally available nutritious food is the best thing for you, your children and your family is because you went to school, very clever, modern, knowledgeable and you have money although you don’t need much of it and is the best thing for you instead of the confusion were we think that the imported and processed food is the best for us  which is not true since science has proven that we have the best nutritious foods.” Said Baguma.

Some of the effects of being Malnourished is that the child will be seven times more likely to fall sick than the well-nourished, it has consequences on productivity and education achievements among others.

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