Trustin company limited advises housemaids to read and understand their contracts carefully not to tarnish recruitment agencies


By Jumah Kakomo.
Trustin company limited has urged Ugandans who go abroad for job opportunities specifically girls to stop more excitement and read their contracts carefully before departure to avoid inconveniences while at work.

The concern was raised by Jorem Oitit, chief executive director “Trustin company limited” one of the famous recruitment agencies in Uganda saying most of Ugandan girls who go abroad for house maids jobs complain over being harassed and tortured by all forms, but they expect much than what they think forgetting job descriptions because they don’t give time to read and understand terms and conditions of their contracts leading to make baseless comments to legally operating agencies.

He adds that, girls who claim over being tortured while at work are mostly those who are trafficked by various persons due to financial benefits, government of Uganda has signed agreement with only two countries, Saud Arabia, and Jordan where to export our girls for housemaids, and anybody who go abroad for house maids to countries excluding the above two mentioned, the government is not responsible to whatever happens to this person, Jorem said”.

He says that, despite various challenging we are facing, the government has intervened to eliminate such challenges like human trafficking because since 2010-2017, human trafficking has dropped to 50%, “we shall continue to work with the government while executing our work to ensure serve delivery, Jorem said”.

Meanwhile he appealed girls who are interested to go abroad for job opportunities to always contact licensed companies to avoid various challenges facing while at work.


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