Tumukunde Promises To Ensure Prompt Payment Of Salaries Security Officer's In 100 Day's Of His Presidency

By Andrew Visper realmusisilwanga@gmail.com The Presidential Candidate who's also the former spy chief Gen Henry Tumukunde has promised to ensure prompt payment of salaries for both retired and saving security office in 100 day's of his presidency once he voted thought this general election coming 2021-2026

Tumukunde Promises To Ensure Prompt Payment Of Salaries  Security Officer's In 100 Day's Of His Presidency
Tumukunde says security is an integral component of every functional state and therefore needs to be given special attention by giving them fair and timely remuneration.
"It's really unfair for the national security officers to save, keep law and order for it's individual citizens for a long with kind heart of patriotism but at the end of their retirement age nothing put in their pockets. Vote for change and remember it's the reason why am standing for the presidency of this country uganda" Said Tumukunde
On the same note Tumukunde called the people of Terego District to remind their area member of parliament who's also a state minister for internal affairs Kania Mario Obiga to join the forces of change.
"Tell my friend Kania Mario Obiga that it's time for change to join the force of change coming in this country after 34 year's there's no any more to do. Support change and we bring you change that will not only you to benefit but also your children and makes the foundation of development within Westnile and entire country" Said Tumukunde
"I have been in different places and people are ready for change. You the people of Terego District with that kind of poverty you pass through, if you can't liberate your self who will liberate you? You the young District you need attention with special programs but you will not get what you expect to get when you still under this dictatorship Government". Said Tumukunde
However you need a government that takes all the country region's equally important in terms development both economically, politically and social responsibilities in growth.
"This system of curving district's to work on pilot project/programs it can't work and never forever and ever Ugandan's benefit from them. Having a district it doesn't mean you given a development that's dictatorship mind set to keep people people in black shade's" Said Tumukunde
Speaking to his supporters on day two of his campaigns in Westnile Region district's of Maracha, Kaboko, Yumbe and Terego, Tumukunde has also promised solve the problems of health issues and poor education both infrastructure and service delivery that has been lacking for the while.