By Kabuye Ronald

Research by UNAIDS global review panel mission to Uganda indicate that HIV/AIDS has increased in adolescent girls aged between 15-24 years in Uganda.

 According to Ms.Rosa Malango, UN resident representative in Uganda, the young people especially girls aged 15 and 24 are disproportionately affected by HIV infection, among adolescent girls; every single hour, 2 young women are getting infected with HIV in Uganda.

She added that the prevalence of adolescent girls stands at 9.1%, compared to the national prevalence rate of 7.3% despite numerous efforts to curb the epidemic yet again.

In 2015 Uganda registered 230 new infections per day, despite the availability of anti-retroviral therapy, 76people die of AIDS related cases every single day which illustrates the urgency of ending AIDS.

Rose notes that since the launch of “global plan” to eliminate mother to child transmission of HIV program, Uganda achieved the highest reduction in new infections in children with 87% of the 21 priority countries of the global plan worldwide and as a result 9 in 10HIV positive pregnant and breastfeeding women are on treatment and infections in babies has fallen almost tenfold, from 30,000 in 2010 to only 3,500 in 2015.

This highlights a need to work hard to end HIV/AIDS by 2030 hence condemning government for reducing the health and education budgets at such critical time of fighting the epidemic.


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