UCCF rolls out Cancer awareness programs in over 85 schools, communities.


Medics: Dr. James Kafeero one of the Doctors from UCCF and UCI Mulago Hospital sensitizing St. Daniel combon SSS during their cancer programs in the North Eastern party of Uganda.

By Ronald Kabuye

Uganda Child Cancer Foundation [UCCF] has embarked on a program to Sensitize children on Cancer in over 85 schools and communities across the country.

This has been revealed by UCCF Program Coordinator Ben Ikara during a one week cancer awareness sensitization trainings in North Eastern regions of Uganda.

“During our cancer awareness activities, we have managed to engage over 13 secondary schools in different districts and these schools include Teso College Aloet, St. Elizabeth Kidetok Serere, Moroto High School, St. Daniel Combon Matany, Kangole Girls School Napak and Lira Skyland High school.

In North we engaged schools like Secret Heart SS, Gulu High School, Gulu Army SS, Ocer Memorial Jesuit College, St. Mary’s Lacor, St. Joseph’s College Layibi and Gulu SS.

So in over 13 schools we have managed to reach out to over 15000 students thus we expect each student to reach out to a minimum of 10 people in their respective communities. Our plan is to fight cancer within different communities through the young generation” said Ikara.

Mr. Ikara added that, UCCF will further reach out to over 10,000 students every year  in ten schools who will also be the organization’ awareness advocates in their respective communities in the fight against cancer.

“ As Uganda Child Cancer Foundation we have introduced different 3C clubs in different schools which stands for Children caring about cancer.

Mr. Ben Ikara the program coordinator of UCCF engaging Karamoja community on different to protect them selves from Cancer.

So far we have reached out to over 85 schools all over the country to recruit, engage, educate and build capacity to fight against cancer disease since the young children are tomorrow’ leaders.

We have been moving to different schools  in the 5 years of our doing sensitization since available research indicate people die of cancer simply because they lack information.” Ikara added.

Mr. Ikara who was also with a member of Uganda Cancer institute {UCI} said UCCF is working with the UCI, other partners from AFRON Oncology for Africa and others to support the young people in fighting against cancer.

Meanwhile Dr. James Kafeero  from Uganda Cancer Institute  advised the public to always go for cancer screening in order to know their status.

“Cancer is among the top killer diseases in the world if detected late and right now before these children sensitize you parents about cancer issues lets first do screening for breast, cervical and other types of cancers to allow you protect your lives” Said Kafeero.

Students of Sacred Heart Secondary School – Gulu with other students from different parts of Gulu led by UCI Nursing officer, Enid Nantumbwe teaching them how to check for the signs of breast cancer.

Students from different schools applaud the work of UCCF and UCI for taking cancer sensitization trainings to their schools and promised to keep the message flooring by reaching out to different non and cancer patients in various communities.

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