Tumukunde Accuses Nrm Of Championing Voter's Bribery

By Andrew Visper realmusisilwanga@gmail.com Presidential candidate Gen.Henry Tumukunde has accused the national resistance movement party (NRM) of being coward and championing voter's bribery in this campaigning election through distributing yellow bicycles to the voter's in Acholi sub-region and westnile

 Tumukunde Accuses Nrm Of Championing Voter's Bribery
Tumukunde say's, that continued system of giving out petty bribery in the middle of elections conttravenes the electoral law and wants the electoral commission to investigate the incidents before the electoral day.
"Let the electoral commission come out and Investigate the matter, it's the time Mr. Byabakama to show the public that his commission is purely independent and ready to organize the electoral process that can every individual believe in but if they failed it will be a direct answer that they work for NRM that's why they abusing the electoral law's" Said Tumukunde
Tumukunde who is currently conversing for votes in Acholi sub-region also questions the source of funds for buying these bicycles and challenges the NRM leadership to come out and explain where they are getting the money to buy the bicycles.
"Where is the budget in this times of elections, is it from NRM accounts or can they come out approval that the so many years have been collecting that money? It's a very patronize situation in this state of poverty just to give/get a petty bribery enough to get very exited. Meanwhile we are also doing investigations to take the matter in court". Said Tumukunde
According to he (Tumukunde) the bicycles were supposed to be given to all LC1 chairmen in the country because the money to buy them came from the national coffers and wonders why government is now selectively giving them to its cadres.
"It's a true identification of a broken Government with self interest, really diverting the country Mott 'for God and my country' into for God and my stomach. They are doing so, just because they want to buy people's hearts using national funds" Said Tumukunde
However, he (Tumukunde) has further decried the increasing security presence in plain clothes who are blocking the electorates from access campaign venues saying this is disastrous to the growing democracy.
"Mr. Museveni is not doing well in this campaign and I wounded why is 'he' ordering security to start distorting our campaign. Well dressed in plain clothes, planted in civilian it's the total abuse of security command which needs the address immediately" said Tumukunde
"I have been in this game for a while, i am a former spy chief and the army command, do you think I don't know. I saw them flooded in Adjumani, Nwoya, Amuru and everywhere have been campaigning. It's the time to remind Mr. Museveni the 2021 general election will be the same of 1986 and the only different is 79 percent of Ugandans are clearly watching his corners" said Tumukunde