Uganda is investigating countries spying on refugees who seek for asylum


FILE-- In this file photo of Monday Jan.6 2014, Refugees who fled the recent violence in South Sudan and crossed the border into Uganda arrive and await transportation from a transit center in the town of Koboko, Uganda, to a nearby settlement in Arua District, in northern Uganda. More than one million refugees have fled South Sudan’s ongoing civil war, overwhelming aid agencies and creating one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters. The United Nations said Friday that South Sudan joins Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia as countries that have produced over one million refugees. (AP Photo/Rebecca Vassie/file)

By Mukose Arnold Anthony
The state Minister  in charge of refugees  musa Echweru has lashed at and warned the neighboring   governments who generate refugees influx to Uganda and go ahead to deploy spies in the camps with the aim of persecuting innocent  people  who seek for asylum in uganda.

While speaking at the international refugee day at Nakivale refugee settlement in Isingiro,  Echeru said that the government  has now embarked on  investigations into the suspected countries  who do the vice and any that any government found to be a culprit Uganda won’t hesitate to deal with them.

Echweru further warned the refugees against tribalism  which has resulted into killings amongst themselves mainly the 3 confirmed south Sudanese who got misunderstandings over tribal claims between  Dinkas  and Nowels over failure to agree on supporting a single World Cup in western Nile.

He says that Uganda doesn’t tolerate tribalism thus no single group will be okayed to promote tribalism.

Out of the over 65.5m world refugee world population, sub Sahara  houses 25% where Uganda receives most of them from Somalia, South Sudan,  Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, DR. congo, Eritrea among other  countries.

The 2018 international theme is Uganda  stands with refugees

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