October 24, 2020
October 24, 2020

Uganda Professional Trucker’s Network To Recruit 100 Truck Driver’s And Inspectors On Boarder Points To Fight Against Corona virus Pandemic.


Byron Kinene Spokesperson committee truck driver's Covid-19 taskforce
By Andrew Visper realmusisilwanga@gmail.com
The association of Uganda Professional Trucker’s Network through their Covid-19 truck driver’s task force are to recruit 100 truck driver’s, truck inspectors both retired and in service to involving a real truck driver’s to a accommodate them in fight against Covid-19 pandemic.
Byron Kinene the Spokesperson committee truck driver’s task force while speaking to the media at the Uganda Professional Trucker’s Network head office Ntinda said that Government has done it’s part and needs to be recognized for the commendable job in the  fight against Covid-19 pandemic however at this point government should know that truck driver’s can add something to Government effort because truck driver’s has their own language of understanding.
“The 100 force it’s not only truck driver’s but we going to involved both stakeholders starting from isolated centers, truck tires repairs, millage seller’s and sex workers in this fight to work as a team and end Covid-19 pandemic” Said Byron
He adds that Government and leaders are looking for the missing truck driver’s but as we speak to the it was not their wish, some left the boarder their phone’s are off just because of battery which brings thought from ministry of health that they disappeared which is not true.
“We managed to call some of them and they are already in hospital. So our appeal to government, we have the capacity to help we just need to work as team unfortunately may be they have already mix-up with their families and we request ministry of health to give a clear report how far they have gone to get these people”
However we wrote to ministry of health to grant us permission to visit all the boarder point because we need to be guided how best we can visit without disorganizing ministry of health operations.
“Unfortunately news coming from Gulu hospital is not good on side of truck driver’s because they haven’t got good medical services and food relief which is very dangerous to their life and we call the concerned team to come and sort out that issue” Said Byron.
Meanwhile what couse the truck driver’s to strike, by the time president gives directive on enter and exit of truck driver’s check-up was not there and the old testing process suspended, some people took four days to get their result. “Truck driver’s ask if you took 300 samples from people staying together in group, coming back same are negative others are positive, are those results valid? Because they have been mixed”
If am negative and allowed to enter your country, will you allow me to make stop over to buy water and food plus my truck service?
Who is responsible for conjunction of Trucker’s at the boarder point because spending four days on boader it’s bad. “The trouble course of all the problem is the East Africa community leaders because they failed to work as one team just work for isolation” said Trucker driver’s
Byron, assured the truck driver’s to be patient because government has done it’s part but it comes out with other concerns like driver’s welfare, family, job security and etc especially to those driver’s whom find them selves positive and it’s the new case to handle.
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