October 27, 2020
October 27, 2020

Uganda ranked 2nd most corrupt in East Africa


Uganda ranks second in the East African region as the most corrupt country according to a 2018 corruption perception index report.

The report, disseminated on Tuesday by Transparency International Uganda in the presence of the media, was carried out in 180 countries across the world.

Uganda [second most corrupt regionally] is positioned 149 worldwide only lower to Burundi [first most court in east Africa] ranked 170 worldwide.

Kenya is the third most corrupt in east Africa and 144 worldwide, Tanzania 4th most corrupt and 99 worldwide while Rwanda is the least corrupt with a 48 global ranking.

Peter Wandera, the executive director, Transparency International Uganda, said corruption is a key factor donors consider before entering a country.

“It’s good to have a better ranking. All people will fear doing business with you if you have a poor ranking,” Wandera told press in Kampala.

He added: “We are ranked 149 world-wide and scored 26 percept in 2018. One of the reasons why our rank changed is because some people performed worse than us.”

Snapshot of the region

This year’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) presents a largely gloomy picture for Africa – only eight of 49 countries score more than 43 out of 100 on the index.

Despite commitments from African leaders in declaring 2018 as the African Year of Anti-Corruption, this has yet to translate into concrete progress.

Seychelles scores 66 out of 100, to put it at the top of the region. Seychelles is followed by Botswana and Cabo Verde, with scores of 61 and 57 respectively.

At the very bottom of the index for the seventh year in a row, Somalia scores 10 points, followed by South Sudan (13) to round out the lowest scores in the region.

With an average score of just 32, Sub-Saharan Africa is the lowest scoring region on the index, followed closely by Eastern Europe and Central Asia, with an average score of 35.

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