By Ronald Kabuye
uganda has made 80% progress in elimination of neglected tropical diseases which include liver blindness, brihazia, trachoma and onchocerciasis that currently are highly affecting Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Republic of South Sudan.
This has been revealed by the minister of health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng during the opening of 10th onchocerciasis/liver blindness elimination conference in Kampala.
Aceng said that the treatment coverage of onchocerciasis has reached all the 37 endemic districts attaining at least 80% of the total population while disease transmission has been interrupted in 16 districts where mass drug administration has been stocked thus protecting 1.2 million people.
When it comes to trachoma interruption of transmission has been achieved in 27/36 endemic districts while brihazia has significantly reduced despite disturbance.
Aceng says in order to eliminate the neglected tropical diseases by 2020 allĀ  stakeholders should stay on course and pick a leaf on how players in big diseases like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis are handing their advocacy which keep the policy makers reminded
meanwhile the country representative of World Health Organisation WHO in Uganda Abdoulie Dodou called for strengthening of collaboration between the affected countries that’s uganda, DRC and South Sudan if elimination of cross boarder transmission is to be achieved and strengthening the health systems for sustainability purpose.


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