Uganda Revenue Authority Intercepted 980 cartons Of Fake Waragi.


The head of enforcement URA Nabwiira Asobola today handed over the track Reg no. UAX 507B Canter intercepted at Karuma and UBF 232A Wisu intercepted at Busia by URA enforcement team while crossing Uganda boarder heading to Kenya carrying Black Eagle Premium Gin Waragi and Habaari Waragi Gin that are substandard.
Asobola explains that the products pounded was packed in it’s box with no (UNBS) mark, indicating 200m yet inside the bottles are 100m which conflict with the law and as the URA enforcement has to enforce the law tabled by the Government whatever products coming in or getting out the country must comfird with it’s regulations.
Sha also narrates that we managed to intercept both of them after receiving information from our sources that the tracks are likely to crass the boarder taking fake products of Waragi.
“Inside you can see it’s not even clean that’s why we decided to hand it over to UNBS to take them for laboratory check-up and also to take alegal action with the suspect digging deep to exact manufacturer and quality a sure that this kind of products get out of market” Said Asobola
“A  buyer who contracted to buy this products, think it’s 200m yet it’s 100m, so you can see it’s not only on consumption, this guy is very smart to that he can cheat even the buyer and consumer with dangerous harmful waragi, Guys out there be careful with all products comes on market” Added madam Asobola
 She continues says that so far one suspect arrested and  black eagle premium Gin factory    closed while investigations continue to trace the Habaali factory.
“According to our surveillance the manufacturer must be the same because both tracks was carrying both mixed products” Said Asobola
In the same root URA managed to cought 30 tans of fake cosmetics (Angel Cosmetics) entering the country alleged to be dealing with the ugandan business cosmetics dealers selling chemical to them which is very dangerous to Human being.
“I emphasize with point note that, People out there must be very serious about this    fake cosmetics products on market that can easily course cancer” Asobola warned the general public
However the manager surveillance market UNBS Arorwa Daniel  said that they have to ensure healthy safety but also to ensure that there’s faith trade in the country.
The ban on alcohol less than 100m must be successful because by the time Government comes out with the law allot of consideration has been put in place, so any individuals choose to contravene in our opinion has criminal intentions, look at this products, any product must have a Q mark on it so that if there is any problem we can be able to trace back.
“This alcohol has no manufactured date, no location and everything meaning it’s not sweetie for people, this person is going to be taken to court, as we speak the factory closed and we call upon the general public when you see some of this products in your neighborhood it’s your responsibility to take act because never know might be your father or your sister taking this harmful Waragi” Said Arorwa
(Some of the products intercepted by ura at ura warehouse)
(URA head of enforcement Nabwiira Asobola and head of Market surveillance UNBS Arorwa Daneil)
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