Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Summons Sk Mbuga Over Sh118million for Tax Evasion.


City tycoon Sulaiman Mbuga alias Sk mbuga has been summoned to appear at the authority offices on Monday over alleged tax evasion of sh118m.
According to information from URA, Mbuga declared the posh ride as a 2012 model as opposed to 2011 as a way of trying to dodge environment fee.

Here is the response from URA is in retaliation to Mbuga’s video on Facebook in which he made wild allegations.

We have noted with concern Mr. Mbuga Sulaiman’s (aka SK. Mbuga) claims that are intended to defame our staff Mr. Emmanuel Lutaaya and Mr. Tukesiga Gregory as mentioned in his recording on Facebook, which he later deleted and apologized for claiming that he was misled by a clearing agent.

We took this feedback seriously and these are the facts ;

Mr. Mbuga Sulaiman imported a Ferrari car model 2011 and declared it as a 2012 model to avoid paying 35% environmental levy. The declaration of the Ferrari car white in color was made on the basis of a 2012 model quoting a lower value of a UK made vehicle yet it is an Italian made vehicle.

This would lead to under collection of government revenue. His declaration was rightfully highlighted by our teams at the National Targeting Center (NTC) and the client was tasked to explain the inconsistencies and to also avail the documentation to support his declaration.

Instead of availing the required information, Mr. SK Mbuga went ranting on Facebook without regard to following the appeals procedure. It should also be noted that Mr. Mbuga has another outstanding of Ushs 118,428,061 from a past fraudulently cleared vehicle vide entry no. C3381. He is yet to settle the taxes and offences related to the case.

URA’s top commitment is to make sure everyone pays their equal share . We are dealing with Mr. Mbuga Sulaiman to make sure he pays the rightful tax and he has been asked to report on Monday and cooperate with investigations into these cases to bring them to conclusion.

URA assures the public that it maintains zero tolerance to corruption, tax evasion and fraud. We shall continue to firmly deal with cases where such vices arise.


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