By Mukose Arnold Anthony

The 6 East African countries have on several occasions adopted and signed different integration treaties and protocols, like the Arusha, Tanzania common market of 20 November 2009, Customs Union, Common Market, Monetary union and EAC internal labour market mobility, like other protocols, today Uganda government is in final stages of presenting a declaration on free artists, musicians and cultural mobility.

While unveiling the 3rd JUMUIYA YA AFRICA MASHARIKI UTAMADUNI  common known as JAMAFEST at the ministry of gender, labor and social Dev’t culture and creative industry Kiweewa Faizo the festival director says that apparently some east African countries have continue to levy work and performing permit of  between 250-1000USD which deters the movement of artists and promote creativity.

Kiweewa also highlights the challenges of internal civil wars in some member countries like Burundi and South Sudan which has deterred promotion of culture to reach the same stage with other remaining 4 regional countries

Julianah Naumwo commissioner culture ministry of gender says that this year’s festival unlike the 1st of this kind in Rwanda 2013 and 2nd Kenya 2015 which exhibited finished regional cultural products, Uganda being blessed by diversities of cultures, the country is prepared to use this fete to showcase from low material and finished product which will be used as an avenue to promote tourism.
Kigenyi Benon the under secretary ministry gender labor and social development says that this regional festival is going to help the country to use it in sensitizing the public on the importance of local languages and revive the phasing out confidence in our languages.

Kigenyi adds that since Uganda share similar languages, tribes and cultures at the borders with neighboring countries, this festival is to act as a uniting factor.

In the 20th and 23rd council meeting by the East African community ministers of 2012 march and Septembber respectively, an agreement was reached at to always organize regular regional arts and regular festivals on rotational basis where the Rwanda and Kenya in 2013 and 2015 respectively have hosted and benefited out of the agreement and Uganda is hosting this the 2017 cultural festival under the theme: culture and the creative industries: The engine for unity and employment creation and will be a one week fete between 7th-15th September in Kololo independence grounds, Hotel Africana and the Uganda national theatre


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