Uganda to secure insurance fund for disease outbreaks and epidemics after study


By Ronald Kabuye
In abide to strengthen Uganda’s response to outbreaks and epidemics, Ministry of health in partnership with the African Risk Capacity, ARCapacity have launched and commenced the outbreak insurance pilot study which is to run for a maximum of 18 months.
While launching the program, the director clinical services in the ministry of health Dr Charles Olaro said that this pilot study that will focus on mainly four pathogenic that’s Ebola, marburg, meningitis and Lassa fever will help them have an early and immediate response to these outbreaks and epidemic which will reduce on the significant human loss and the economic burden.
In the same way the lead advisor outbreak and epidemic, ARC Robert Lame deGraft Agyarko said that the study will look at disease profiling and mapping, contingency planning, index modelling, cost efficiency and diseases burden to the economy after which they will come up with the actual figures for insurance premiums for each of the four epidemic disease.
This pilot has been rolled out in two countries that Uganda and Guinea Conakor,  which after its completion it will rolled out to the rest of African countries.
Uganda being prone to outbreaks and epidemics it established systems to strengthen outbreaks response and management such as the emergency operations centre, laboratory network strengthening, health work training, strengthened surveillance and coordinating mechanism.
However despite the advancement, rapid and predictable outbreak funding remains a big challenge since it delays early and effective response leading to outbreak escalation and delayed control  thus a need to have an insurance system in place which this study aims at establishing.
The African risk capacity OandE programme will also model epidemic risk for the pathogens, optimize early warning systems,  create contingency plans for rapid response in advance and open access to quick disbursing financing through a parametric insurance mechanism.


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