October 28, 2020
October 28, 2020

Ugandans award the “real Anti-corruption walk” activists and politicians


The Alternative members of the alternative receiving a cheque at the awarding ceremony

Ugandans award the “real Anti-corruption walk” activists and politicians.

Ugandans who call themselves Citizens of Uganda have on Wednesday morning awarded three groups of politicians/activists in recognition to their commitment towards the fight against corruption.

The award is one of the initiative they launched in a press conference on December 3, 2019 a day before president Yoweri Museveni ‘s anti corruption walk in Kampala.

Those who received the award include; The Alternative, The Jobless Brotherhood and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). On addition to the award, the beneficiaries got Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Shillings as a motivation to their passion for a better country.

Addressing the media, at the function Ms Ingabire Mereb the award coordinator applaud all citizens and parties involved in the fight against Corruption in Uganda, “ We see you and we stand in solidarity with you. Today, we award these donations from the citizens of Uganda to FDC, The Alternative and Jobless Brotherhood, for relentlessly committing to this struggle” Ms Ingabire commended.

“Today, we are here to deliver our promise of awarding every 500 meters walked and we would award these funds to opposition parties and others groups spearheading the anti-corruption struggle” Ingabire added.

Speaking to media immediately after receiving the award, Norman Tumuhimbise, the National Coordinator of The Alternative said that, though the struggle is driven by their love for a better country for all, but it energizes once appreciated and warned that, the award received today calls for continued pursuits of the struggle, which as a movement are committed to this year.

Augustine Ojobile, the National Coordinator of the Jobless Brotherhood said that, the funds which they have received today are going to be divided and taken to their longtime legal aid firm of Center for Legal Aid which has for years stood with them and also to the family of the jailed Doctor, poet and lecturer Stellah Nyanzi.

A section of bailed “Anti-real corruption walk” activists led by Faridah Bikobere, Kemigisha Sharon and Nakiyemba Joan were in attendance at the function

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