Ugandans urged to embrace sexual reproductive health to achieve middle income status



By Ronald Kabuye
The commissioner for children in the ministry of Gender labour and social development Mondo Kyateeka says there is urgent need to transform the mind set of Ugandans especially in regards to sexual reproductive health if Uganda is to realise its goal of becoming a middle income country 2020.
Mr Kyateeka who was the guest of honor at the forth Inter generational dialogue in kampala organized by Reach a hand organization under the theme ” uganda’s untapped potential, investing in young people’s reproductive health, asserts that it’s only a quality not Quantity population that can facilitate development thus a call to everyone to invest in the children which he says is everyone’s  obligation both political and non political actors.
He encouraged Ugandans to produce children they can manage as opposed to producing for the world and for fun.
He says besides the above a quality a population can be realised by looking at ways of how to reduce on malnutrition which is at 33%, un planned pregnancies, at 58%, poverty rates, fertility rate,  teenage pregnancy and most importantly by parents, guardians creating time for their children.
“without constructing and deconstructing the minds of people than infrastructural development and other development projects shall be a waste and can be through sexually reproductive health, it’s not wise to produce like rabbits yet we are not ready to undertake our responsibilities” said Kyateeka.
He further defended government that it has invested in young people through different ministries and sectors though it’s not adequate.
He also refuted claims that they banned sexual education from schools saying that what they banned is comprehensive sexual education because even the unnecessary things are embedded in there yet they have a duty to protect cultural norms of the country.
In the same way the chairperson of advisory board of reach a hand Joseph Kigozi emphasized the importances of parents talking to their children about sexual related issues rather than letting outsiders and tabloids to do the work for them.
His view was also shared by the spokes person of the organization Ibrahim Batambuze Waiswa who said that the major objective of the event is to bridge a gap between the old and young besides  making it inclusive to all stake holders.

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