By Ronald Kabuye
With just two games left for the she cranes to be declared the champions of the African Netball Champions if they win both games, the Uganda Health Communication Alliance UHCA has supported the team with five million shillings to facilitate their campaign.
She cranes which also happen to be the Tobacco control ambassadors are struggling financially yet they are doing their best to raise the uganda flag especially in the sports fraternity and in this very campaign they have  won all the three games played so far.
Addressing the media after a cash handle  over of the money by the national coordinator of UHCA Richard Baguma Tinkasimire said that they choose she cranes as the tobacco champions and to support them since they command a high profile in fighting the increasing tobacco consumption especially amongst young girls as highlighted by the Global youth tobacco survey.Displaying IMG_20170627_130724.jpg
He also emphasized the fact that tobacco use is attributed to seven out of the ten leading killer diseases world over including but not limited to cancers, heart diseases and strokes.
“we asked the she cranes to help us fight tobacco use because they have a profile amongst these girls, they are our ambassadors and champions that’s why we thought they will champion this cause” said Baguma.
meanwhile the team captain she cranes Peace Proscovia applauded UHCA and the entire tobacco control activists fraternity for their support especially in such crucial moment when they are financially constrained.
She also committed that her and the entire team will continue to preach against the tobacco usage given it’s dangers and to win the the African netball champions which is underway at lugogo MTN arena were they are left with only two games that Zambia and Zimbabwe.


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