July 7, 2020
July 7, 2020




Johanna Mpindi

The Uganda Human Rights commission has on Tuesday morning launched its 4th Annual conference on Economic Social and Cultural Rights that will be held from Wednesday on the 20 and21st at makerere University Hall under the theme:local Government and Service delivery in Uganda.

The conference will draw attention to devolution and Service delivery in Uganda and also highlight the experiences and challenges constraining effective service delivery in Uganda.

Addressing a news conference, the chair person Uganda Human Rights commission Meddie Ssozi Kaggwa said that, the core objective of the decentralisation proggrames is to take services closer to the people and ensure people’s participation and democratic control in decision making processes, thus the effort is often underpinned and reinforced with attempts to establish and empower local citizens and institutions as a means of enlisting participation of the local communities in matters that concern poverty and open the democratic space through processes that are effective, efficient, transparent, responsive and equitable.

This after the Uganda legal and policy frame work delegates highlighted the role of social service delivery to local governments under the decentralised system.

He further explained that the conference will provide an opportunity for the public to understand whether local governments have been able to ensure that their functions, responsibilities and powers are devolved and transferred from the central government to local government units in a coordinated manner as the per 1995 constitution in article 174(2) and also find out whether the decentralisation of local community is being achieved.

However, the current local governance structure suffers from broader institutionalisation where real power and mandate of all state agencies and structures is threatened by state house desks and the person of the president, said Arnold Kwesiga the coordinator of Uganda Corsortium on Corporate Accountability. (UCCA).

The conference will thus raise awareness about the relationship between local governance and the realisation of economic, social and cultural rights.

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