UJA condemns security blatant violation of journalists freedom

Uganda Journalists Association (UJA) is deeply dismayed with the growing acts of violence and brutality occasioned on Journalists covering the Opposition Presidential Candidates as witnessed on Wednesday, 18th November 2020 in different parts of the Country.

UJA condemns  security  blatant violation of journalists freedom
The journalist association spokesperson Kabuye Ronald says it is so saddening that the Security Personnel have turned to harassing Journalists as now their main targets while in line of duty .
On Wednesday 18th 2020, the Uganda Radio Network Journalist Mr. Asharaf Kasirye was brutally arrested and his eyes littered with pepper spray by the cruel Security Personnel when they were covering the National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential Candidate Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu news in Luuka District. Kasirye is now living in critical condition at the health facility where he was admitted after that barbaric attack.
On the same spot, Mr.Sam Balikowa of City Fm and Nile TV in Jinja was also cruelly arrested and other Journalists that were present there could not be spared either.
The journalists body also wants the Vision Group Journalist Mr. Tonny Lule has been in detention at the SIU in Kireka over allegations of cyber harassment against the first family for a week now to be released unconditionally.
"We feel that those violations do not only cast the Security Agencies in bad light but are also being illegal, which should not  go unchecked.
We therefore demand that those Security Personnel that have engaged into violation  of Journalists and other citizens' rights be individually brought to book urgently.
If such situation doesn't change,we shall be left with no other option but to mobilize our selves and fight for our freedoms and rights which are well stipulated in the Constitution.
The Security Personnel should exercise restraint whenever handling Journalists and other members of the public.
We further demand for unconditional release of the Vision Group Journalist mr. Lule ,since his long detention violates the 48 hour rule." reads the statement in parts